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My research interests lie in two areas. I am interested in stereotyping, prejudice, and stigma across the adult lifespan. I investigate issues from both the perceiver’s and the target’s perspective. I am also interested in examining cognitive processes such as memory and attention within a social context.

Research Interests

Intergroup Relations Lab





Dr. Alison Chasteen

Principal Investigator


Dr. Caroline Erentzen

Post-Doctoral Fellow


Jordana Schiralli

Doctoral Student






Veronica Bergstrom

Doctoral Student


Joel Le Forestier

Doctoral Student


Lisa Klekovkina

Lab Manager


Interested in joining the lab?


Dr. Chasteen will be considering graduate student applications for Fall, 2021. Undergraduate students can either volunteer in the Intergroup Relations Lab (IRL) or complete an individual project under Dr. Chasteen’s supervision for course credit.

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